The connection

This is a story about connections in mission. My friends, you can see from the photos the first delivery of mattresses. We are still waiting for most of our funds to be transferred to Congo but last week we received funds enough from the Reno United Methodist Women to purchase 15 mattresses for the Prokin Orphanage in Limete.

The one thing that stands out at Prokin is the number of older children and teenagers who live there. This is the age that many children drop out of school to work but here they are attending school, both boys and girls.  This makes Prokin a very special place.


I first heard about the Prokin Orphanage, not in Kinshasa but through an inquiry from Gail Quigg, the Global Missionary Liaison living in Columbus, Ohio, she had heard about Prokin from a couple in England. So I asked Innocent Afful, our United Methodist Orphan expert in Kinshasa.

Innocent visited the site and found a well established program that is supported by the local neighborhood with several sustainable programs. Prokin manufacturers soap and filters, bags and sells drinking water to help pay expenses and school fees. We have been impressed by how well they use what they have.


Innocent, Mary and I are excited to work along side everyone at Prokin to help create a healthier place for them to live. Innocent is working with the UN Peacekeepers from Ghana, to correct the rain drainage problems and remodel  a new dinning hall with tables and chairs

The children will not only be able to sleep on mattresses but Sebastian is also installing bed nets to further protect everyone from contracting Malaria.

So how far are we connected? The neighborhood of Limete, England, Ohio, a UMW in Reno, Nevada, and all the way back to Ghana and Kinshasa.

Now that is a connection!!!!




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