Just a Normal Couple of Weeks

Since I last posted Mary has returned from Thailand where she attended training on multi-cultural missionary coaching. She will discuss this more in future posts but lets just say she is excited to start implementing what she has learned in Kinshasa.  This week she has already scheduled 2 appointments to begin.


We are thankful and  always inspired by how all of you respond . As of this writing we have commitments for  132  Mattresses.  These come from across North America, Mount Vernon and  Rosco Village, Ohio; Georgia, Toronto Canada and Reno Nevada. In addition, next month the  Three Rivers District in East Ohio has committed the District Conference offering for Congo mattresses. Mary and I are also grateful to First UMC Mansfield for generously providing funds for new sewing machines at the Matendi School for Girls.

Mary, Innocent and I made the first delivery of 3 sewing machines today to Matendi School. We will make take the remaining machines along with fabric and thread next month on a return visit.


Innocent and I again are working with  Women’s Federation property in Kinkole to have the water well tested and see how conditions can improve.We also escorted a group from Mancusco ( the UN Peacekeepers in DRC) to help plan their Independence Day celebration  at the orphanage in Limite.

I also had the opportunity to go to the Orphanage in Maluku. This place near the Congo River about 30 miles out of Kinshasa.  It is ran and supported by the Federation of Fisherwomen. These ladies fish the Congo to supply an income and food supply for the 50 orphans that are there.  They hope to someday have a dormitory and a place to cook and eat. Their only source of drinking water comes from the river. We hope this can change.   Currently the orphans are divided up and return home with the dozen ladies that run the place.  I’m sure that we will be returning to learn more.


There have been many administrative duties including translations for a German NGO, becoming new board members for the Methodist Presbyterian Guest House, and attending clean water training with UNICEF and working on disaster relief projects for the Church of Canada.

Finally have been blessed this week with the arrival of Gad Maiga, a UMC Global Mission Fellow.  Gad will be staying with us for 2 weeks while he gets a work permit.  Gad will be serving in Bukavu, in the province of South Kivu. Gad is a agricultural specialist assigned to the ECC farm.

Gad, Clovis, Mary and Aaron

March is beginning ” like a LION”

Congo Support Advance #3022293

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