Back to the Farm


Mary and I went back to the farm recently. That’s the ECC farm in Lutendeli.  You will remember that we made a brief stop there last spring.  This is the farm that helps provide a food source and income to the 10 orphanages in Kinshasa through it’s relationship with fellow missionary Innocent Afful.

Mary and I wanted to go back and see how Jose Ngunga, the agriculturalist in charge, was doing. Our hope has been to be able to help him with his irrigation issues.  Now that Mary and I are working closer with Global Health maybe we could see this with new eyes.

United Methodist Global Health works with local partners to establish sustainable sources for clean water, proper sanitation  and local food sources.  It is believed that these are the elements to have long-term improvement on a populations health.

We had an interesting conversation using Clovis (who doubles as our driver) as interpreter. It began with us asking our farmer what his vision is.  This took him a while to answer because he was more accustomed to responding to what will be provided. We have learned that  his vision is most important. Mr. Ngunga has three priorities; an ability to pump water from a river nearby to use for the crops, expand his plantings form 2 hectares to 5 and find a source of clean drinking water.

Mary and I now are working on getting costs and plans for this vision.  We think the additional acreage will provide substantial increase in funds and food for the orphanages and also provide additional employment for the village.

This river is used for washing clothes and bathing. Pumping water up hill and  a few hundred of yards should not be to hard. We are waiting on the cost estimates now.

Extremely exciting would be the possibility of drilling a well that could supply a safe water supply not only the farm and his family but also for the village and at least 100 families.

How beautiful that will be. Stay tune






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