Is there something TANGIBLE?


We are back in Kinshasa and spent our first full week back meeting and talking to many people.  Mary and I spent time at a program to train youth leaders about democracy, attended a program on SBGV and family planning,met with a member of the Regional Health board, and spent time with missionaries representing the Mennonites and Presbyterians. Now that we have the Mission Vehicle we also visited both a Vocational school for girls in Kinkole and a Methodist clinic, church and food program in Mpasa.  Both Kinkole and Mpasa are south of the city and serviced by tracks rather than roads. We are so thankful to have a reliable 4 wheel drive!


I will talk about the Kinkole Vocational School supported by the Protestant Federation of Women in a later post. Stay tune because it will become a very important ministry for us to be involved with.

Today Mary and I would like to respond to several requests that we’ve received since the New Year. ” Is there something that we can do that is TANGIBLE?

Much of what we do is not tangible. A lot of what we do is listen, encourage and help others connect the dots locally and sustainably. And yet in meeting with people already serving in their ministries, we find tangible things we can do that give that ministry a needed boost.  So I want to answer your question with a YES!

Mary and I have noticed at our orphanages and at the vocational schools for girls, there is a great need of mattresses . Many of the children are sleeping on the concrete or dirt floors with no mattresses or the ones that do have a mattress are very old.


We would like to provide these facilities with new mattresses. We think we will need about 250 mattresses to get these kids off of the floor and onto a proper place to sleep.  This will also enhance the health and sanitation efforts at these schools, enormously.


I went to the market and have negotiated a price of $35 each for twin vinyl covered mattress. These will be produced locally at a factory in Kinshasa. I have already purchased a sample for you to see.

I would like for you or your  congregation to consider providing a mattress or a dozen.  Funds can be sent to the “Rural Congo Support” advance number # 3022293 or if you send me an email I can explain credit card donations or make other arrangements.

Mattresses are $35 each

Rural Congo Support Advance #3022293

Thank You for helping in Congo



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