Return to Kinshasa

Greetings to all of our friends and supporters and Happy New Year!

Rift Valley, Kenya

Mary and I spent 6 weeks in Kenya during the recent political crises and last week have returned. We are so happy to be in our home in Kinshasa and look forward to beginning the New Year and again doing the work that God has for us to do.

Please continue to pray for the Congolese.  The current government and political opposition parties have an agreement to hold a Presidential Election during 2017. Pray for a peace and justice during the coming months.

Mary and I completed our first year in the Congo last week.  What an incredible year.  I have to say that we spent most of the year learning. Learning and understanding so much about the country, geography, languages, politics, history, religions.  There is so much to learn about a culture,its languages, people, families, customs.  I’d have to say the one word that describes our year is “LEARNING”.

We are United Methodist Missionaries and we are here, because we are YOU. We are your Missionaries doing the work YOU would do if you could be here. We are here to continue caring for God’s children. This is why it is so important for Mary and I to continue our connection and relationships with you and is so important to our ministry.

It is also important for us to hear from you and understand how we can expand your ministries into the Congo and know how we can pray for you and your church’s.mission program.

In 2016 with your help we have started to connect people and congregations. We pray that the connections that were established between Congo and USA continue to grow.

Last year  Gay Street UMC in Mt. Vernon provided funds for seeds that provides a sustainable source of income for a small school in Lingwala neighborhood. The children’s summer program at Gay Street UMC contributed scho0l supplies for the Orphanage school in Cimitare. Our partner in Andover helped us with medical treatment for two young polio victims and with your help we had many opportunities to provide bags of rice, beans and supplies to various schools and orphanages.

First UMC Mansfield during the  Advent season raised funds for new sewing machines for the Mitendi School for Girls. What a blessing it will be for this vocational and education facilities.

Last weekend, because of your faithfulness,  Mary and I purchased a used Toyota SUV to use as the Kinshasa UMC Mission Vehicle. We are again so grateful.  I can’t imagine the new opportunities that will come now that we have transportation.

Last year, Mary and I  were thankful for our Connected Churches;

         Gay Street UMC, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

         Reno First UMC, Reno, Nevada

         Kent UMC, Kent, Ohio

         First UMC , Mansfield,Ohi0

          Trinity UMC, Orrville,Ohio

  East Ohio 3Cs Mission Team

         Tuscarawas District, East Ohio

          East Ohio UMC Foundation

We are excited  thinking about 2017.  Mary and I plan to spend more time in the neighborhoods and congregations working with local programs. We hope to continue to work with the 11 orphanages, neighborhood micro finance programs, medical centers, and neighborhood schools. We hope to connect more with UMCOR and Global Health and continue to connect NGO resources with sustainable programs. We expect to continue to work with on gender issues, family well-being and early marriage issues.

These are the some of exciting programs to watch for but remember everyday we are presented with exactly what God has planned and typically it’s unexpected.















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