The Hospitality in Cancellations


Greetings to all of our readers from Nairobi, Kenya.Our journey has taken us to Kenya until the beginning of next year. I know, Christmas in Nairobi sounds like a Bing Cosby movie but it is our reality this year.

Traveling to Kenya from Kinshasa should have been 4 hrs but like other connections this year, it took a wee-bit longer,30 hrs to our guest house destination. Appropriate for Dec. there was “no room in the inn. We were provided with another location for the night, NO not a stable. Mary and I talked this morning about our cancellations this year… and we noticed on each occasion the hospitality.

During a cancelled flight from Brussels to the US, the Brussels Airline associates made arrangements, secured our bags and  escorted us to a Hotel at the airport.  The hotel provided a meal to 200 people, without notice and without missing a step or a smile.

Again same thing in Johannesburg in October from South African Air. Hotel,transportation, dinner all with smiles and radical hospitality under adverse conditions.

This week on Kenya Air, following an aircraft landing issue in Nairobi, the airport, hotel and transport associates all went above the call of duty to make everyone was comfortable in a situation that no one could control.


We are Missionaries wherever we are.  In Brussels we met a man who worked for the World Bank and had worked in Liberia during the Ebola Crises to help the country recover. In South Africa we met 2 men from a Christian Bible and book publishing house who are very interested in expanding into French speaking Africa.  Yesterday we had breakfast with two ladies from Zambia, who work with human rights and gender violence issues. What amazing conversations and new friends these situations provided for Mary and I.

Each time that God provides us a delay… look for the hospitality and opportunity.

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