Broadcasting from Kinshasa!

As it cools down in the US, we are experiencing the beginning of the rainy season in Congo, with the accompanying heat and humidity.  No electricity at work for several days, so we have sped up the acclimatizing process.

Monday, saw us back at the orphanage at Cimetiere to check up on the progress of treatment for Kaya, a young boy with polio whom we hope to connect to a residential treatment program in Kinshasa.  This is a local NGO, with support from Stand Proud.  Our hope is that not only will Kaya receive the care he needs but that we can help our local groups connect for the future care of others.  We also helped Innocent Afful to deliver some much needed rice and “biscuits” for the orphans and children who attend school at the orphanage.


Yesterday we had an appointment with  Pierre Omadjela, Special Projects Manager for the United Methodist Communications here in DRC to discuss the United Methodist Radio station – Methodist Lokole Radio.

Together with Pierre, Rev Andre Masudi and Nico Munongo, we toured the station and talked about the role of the station in carrying out the four areas of ministry focus of the UMC in Congo.  1) Engaging in Ministry with the poor. 2) Improving health globally.  3) Developing principled Christian leaders.  4) Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations.


The radio station in the past has given voice to the United Methodist Women and the United Methodist Men as well as the Youth and various agencies of the church, they have spread the Good News, provided needed information on health and sanitation initiatives in the areas they reach, as well as many other program promotions.  This work continues with a dedicated staff of 10, but unfortunately the transmitter, which is, “older than me!” according to Pierre, is not fully functioning and so their broadcast reach has significantly diminished.

While they await an evaluation of the transmitter, they look to a future with a sound studio and equipment that can be rented out in order to support the radio station operation and assist it to be self-sustaining.  The continued support from various local groups and individuals is expected to grow once they have a fully functioning transmitter.  We hope and pray that this will happen soon!  Stay tuned (sorry 🙂 )



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