“We Serve for Peace”

This has been an interesting week in DRC.  I know, we say that a lot.  Technically, the week started in South Africa, so I guess I will begin with that.  Aaron and I spent 6 days in Cape Town mixing some work and some rest time at one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Surely the colors, the sounds and the people are still all mingling in my mind and I continue to be thankful for the time we had there.


On our journey back home to Kinshasa, we had one of those unexpected encounters in a long airport line.  Our new friends turn out to work for a major Christian publishing company in the US and were very interested in our ministries in DRC.  Would we be interested in staying connected with them and possibly finding ways to print and distribute free digital publications from their press?  Why, certainly we would!  And wouldn’t you know 2 days later in Kinshasa, we met with someone who was looking for printed resources to share with youth in Bandundu.  Always amazed when these things happen.

Back in Kinshasa a day later we took a lunch break with fellow missionary, Innocent Afful, so we could catch up on the latest news at the office and around the city.  But our friend is always “present” and in the moment, and the first thing he noticed at the cafe was this sign:


After engaging the waitress in an interesting conversation about why the sign was in English at a Lebanese cafe in French/Lingala speaking Kinshasa, he turned to us and said, “We need this sign on all the street corners in Kinshasa.  For God’s love is indeed all we need.”  Amen.

On Wednesday, we were able to be with Innocent and Pastor Sylvain and Mme. Celine as we toured an orphanage in Makala, and witness God’s love in action.  One of the parishioners at Pastor Sylvain’s church is making a home for 7 orphans in a small compound, and with few resources.  Our hope and prayer is that Innocent will be able to find ways to help the church develop this ministry.


And then today we had the honor of being at the medal presentation for the Ghanaian Peacekeepers with the UN here in Kinshasa.  This is not the first time we have been with these amazing people who have a very difficult position here in Kinshasa.  They are often at the orphanages, helping to provide food, clothes and other material assistance, not to mention, singing, dancing and much laughter.  “Love is all you need.”  The leader of the Ghanaian Delegation visiting from Accra, reminded the soldiers that they were indeed here in Kinshasa above all to bring hope and that they serve for Peace.  The prayers from the chaplains, one a Christian and one an Imam,  brought home the need to keep sharing this love wherever and however we can, through unexpected encounters, to the hard intentional work of being peace keepers in challenging times and places.


May we all continue to serve for Peace, wherever we are.



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