People of the Morning


Greetings from Kinshasa, Today is Weds.(Mercredi) Sept. 28th. Since my last post things have been quite in this city. It appears life and business continues as before with a little bit of tense anticipation. A little uncertainty and anxiety .  The dialog has been delayed, President Kabila has gone to see the Pope and other leaders.  The ministers are present  in Washington  and in Europe. The Congolese have returned to normal life… HOWEVER everyone knows that little was accomplished in regards to election and these issues will return to be revisited.          BUT WHEN????

Mary and I are back to work, walking though the neighborhoods. This is the best part, greeting everyone. The men working on the trees, Jean who looks for us every morning at the end of the street. We greet the armed guards who are guarding a compound, and the man picking mangoes. Vincent comes to talk about his medication and recent operation. The Moslem couple that has the bread stand, she is waiting with our bread. The young man who always wants to shine my shoes.  THESE are the people of the morning. They are the ones that we missed last week and wondered about,and they were concerned about us.    It isn’t important that we all speak different languages,we talk anyway,we somehow communicate and most of all we smile and then…God smiles back.


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