Apres (After) Work Hours

When God called us to be missionaries, the lines become blurred between personal and work. Mary and I are grateful to find opportunities to continue to serve outside of  our “normal” work, building relationships and transforming lives. Over the last couple of weeks we have found opportunities.

Mary and I have a guest bedroom purposely to honor our call for radical hospitality. What a blessing it is to have had our new Methodist Missionary friends from Switzerland a few weeks ago  and to host Mark Dawson the visiting Mennonite Missionary while he was in Kinshasa.

We have hosted small group studies, as well as missionary meetings in our apartment. Occasionally Mary and I are both asked to preach and attend churches and this week I was asked to fill in for the Bishop and speak to a group of Kinshasa pastors for their monthly meeting.

Mary and I are always eager when we are asked to host, greet,or just be present with  visiting “anglophone” guest who frequently visits from a variety of English speaking countries.


Last Sunday, I believe to be the most unusual event for a Methodist Missionary.  Mary and I received a formal invitation to attend the Installation of the new Anglican  Arch Bishop of Congo and the new Bishop of Kinshasa.


This was a very important event for the Anglican Church. This Mass  was held at the Cathedral of Saint Pierre. Filled to capacity with tents outside and TV screens for additional attendance. This installation mass was “High Church” which lasted over 6 hrs and a formal dinner to follow. The mass was filled with music and Arch Bishops, Bishops from around the world.

Adding to the adventure in between the Mass and dinner, Mary and I connected LIVE via Skype to the Reno First United Methodist Church service. What a beautiful site for us to see our downtown  Reno church filled with smiling faces. We look forward to continuing this connection with the DRC.


Mary and I are grateful  to witness God working in so many ways, transcending denominations, cultures, countries and time zones.

This Missionary is humbled to witness LIVE…   Sunday ending in Congo and beginning in Reno,10,000 miles away with the smiles and laughter of His children.

3 thoughts on “Apres (After) Work Hours

  1. I so admire you .Arron and Mary, and enjoy your updates on your missionary work.
    I can see how Christ works away from different parts of the world.


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