Cimetiere Orphanage KIN LO-5069

Last Thursday we went back to the Orphanage in Cimitare with the two new mattresses that we had at our apartment along with treats for the kids..  It was clear that rather storing them until we had children visit again, they could be better used by these children.


While there we had a discussion about the needs of the young disabled boy who appears to be a polio victim. Mary and Innocent are looking for help for him at Handicap International and other NGOs.

It’s forever interesting to me, how are purpose can change in a moment.

On Friday we were visited by Thomas Wetshi, Director of OPURR a local NGO that works fro Peace and Reconciliation. We affirmed our interest and hope to go with his group to a future  event in the interior.

On Sunday we attended church at the MANUSCO, the UN military base with the soldiers from Ghana. We had worked with them before at the orphanages when they do service projects for the neighborhood. What a joy it was to worship with our “West African” friends. The choir was great, a brass band played the hymns and everyone danced during the offering.  The Post Commander was the preacher of the day. What a great message delivered by a humbled man of God.

Lots going on this week but on everyone’s mind is the elections and the  14 day “Dialogue” which began on Friday. Theses are talks related to the elections by opposition parties and the government.

Pray for the DRC during these talks. Pray for a peaceful resolution.

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