Living with Silence

Ahhhh The power of SILENCE.


For the past 10 days, we have  had a respite from silence.  We have had wonderful house guests. The Hofers, Daria, Roman, Noah (2) and Jael (5). All UMC Missionaries from Switzerland serving in Lubumbashi, DRC. What a joy to have “littles” in the house.  It’s been so much fun playing with the kids and playing board games after bedtime. Our apartment is filled with small voices and at least three languages, I am amazed to read bed time stories in French, German and English. Jael and Noah are learning ALL THREE. Then to top out our joy, our Election lawyer friend, Mark from Bukavu also moved in with us on Tuesday for a few days.

Ahhhhhh the NOT so silent

Most of this week Mary and I have been researching programs to introduce to our partners in Kinshasa on Coaching and 50/50 partnerships. We are understanding the need to implement this type of sustainable ministry here. We have also been learning how Global Mission Fellows could be utilized in the various ministries and mission sites that we come into contact with.

Our surprise this week was when a man came into our office to talk with Rev. Sikabwe. Last time on this blog we talked about his Micro-Financing programs for women. Mr.Ikaka wanted to discuss Micro-Finance programs for the disabled in area.

In the city of  Kinshasa it is quickly apparent that there is a large number of functioning disabled people.  There are many bicycles that have be fitted with hand peddles instead of using one’s feet.  Many people getting around by other means than using their legs. Many street corners have vendors who are survivors of some medical condition which impairs their movement. I don’t understand all the situations but it appears to me that many childhood diseases exists  that have apparently been eradicated or treated in the west.

Mr. IKaka has a community group that has about 40 people in it that are disabled.  They are looking for a better way to make a living and believe Micro-Finance training may help this community.  He had arranged a location at a school but it is only available for two more weeks.


The agreement was made Rev. Sikabwe would hold a special training next week for this disabled community. He clearly stated that they are all working hard and are “also God’s children”. His only stumbling block is the $250  cost of materials and refreshments.

These are the times when God is clearly at work.  Everything has come together without planning or labor. Everything except the part that WE are to do.                    Mary and I advanced the funds for the costs knowing that a partner will step forward for this group of hard working Congolese.

” Send Me!!




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