Transformed Lives in the DRC

We have touched on the small savings groups before in this blog, but I wanted to let the women of DRC speak for themselves today.  We know of several opportunities in Kinshasa, in Mbuji Mayi and coming up in Burundi where our co-worker Rev. Jeff Sikabwe provides training for women, men and orphans on the program provided by another Eglise du Christ au Congo partner, CMS (Church Missionary Society). Jeff works with Innocent Afful, and the Department of Women and Families to help locate, train and follow up with groups interested in transforming their own lives and their communities.  Here are some examples and photos from recent training events and follow up sessions.  Happy reading!


These women, by pooling their resources, financed each other’s businesses–soft drink, dress making, clothing store, soap making, ……. . Their saving group grant allowed additional investment in supplies and equipment to start, improve and scale up their individual businesses.”

savings group

Meet Élisée Tshibunda

From the saving group Mrs. Elisée TSHIBUNDA received a lump sum of $300. This amount helped her to purchase one new sewing machine and repair two and purchase other raw materials to expand her business. Now it`s a workshop of 5 dressmakers. Today, she is working with four trainees. Élisée is very happy to now be a self-sufficient woman. The saving group has not only helped her establish her own business and overcome many of her challenges as the breadwinner for her family, but it has also put her in a position to provide a source of income and inspiration to young women.

Savings group 2

Meet Nana Mujinga

Mrs. Nana MUJINGA received a lump sum of $50 from the saving group to increase her small business. She stands behind her table full of vegetables: tomatoes, onions, beans, spices, nuts, fruits, eggs… ready to welcome customers with an eager, bright smile.

Many people come to join their group as they see her progressing in her income generating activities.  Her unique creation helps to pay for rent, household expenses and school fees for her children.

And from our friends in Lingwala – Pastor Romain’s church a new group has started as of last week!



And from Masina – training by Rev. Jeff and Pastor Martin



To our friends, Jeff, Martin, Innocent and Rev. Berthe Nzeba – we thank God for their transformational work.

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