July is, Cool and Dry

Today is July 13th and Mary and I have been very busy in several projects since I last wrote.  I had thought about writing several times but in the last week but continued to run out of energy and sleep continued to call each night.

I want to start off and ask for prayers for the people in the South Sudan where fighting broke out again last Sunday.  South Sudan touches the northern border of the DRC but is at least 1500 miles away from Kinshasa.

I have a friend from Cuba who is a Methodist Missionary from Cuba serving with the orphanage “Children Out of Conflict” in Jaba.  She posted several times about how close and intense the shooting was to the orphanage.  I can only imagine how frightening it is to hear helicopter gun ships while protecting her children. Pray for Lisette and the children in Jaba.

Last Sunday I attended a small church in the neighborhood of Peto-Congo, Masina.  This is where Innocent holds one of his vocational programs on fabric making and certificates were being given out during church. Its always nice to attend a neighborhood church for the first time.  Finding our way there on Sunday morning was interesting.

The driver dropped us off at the corner and we walked though the neighborhood until we found the church.  Innocent is from Gahna and speaks English and only a little Lingala and I was (LOL) the only french speaker, but we made it.  Great music and wonderful hospitality.

Petro-Congo Masina LO-4928

Then it was on to an orphanage and school called ” Jeue au Soleil”. The  Chaplin from the UN peacekeepers was celebrating his birthday with the children with cake and a lunch.  There can be no better way to celebrate than with 40 smiling and loud kids.

Petro-Congo Masina LO-4943

Mary and I met with Thomas Wetshi who’s  NGO specializes in peace and reconciliation.they are very involved to help make the upcoming elections peaceful,fair,and democratic. Mr. Etshi is an ” Ambassador to Peace” a non-goverment position that is very special here in the DRC.  It is very apparent that we were among Godly people serving their country for peace.


We also met with Pastor Romain from the “Missionaire Evanelique”. A little church and school in a very poor part of Kinshasa.  This was our second visit here. School is out but we hope to connect a church in Ohio with this school and congregation to help build a lasting relationship. On Thursday Mary and I will travel about 50 miles away to see the farm that is used to help sustain the school. It should be very interesting.

That’s all for now. Remember to pray for the South Sudan and pray for a peaceful election season here in the DRC.




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