Congo Central Ouest

It has been a busy first week back to work in the DRC.  I will not try to include everything in one writing. with fellow


Last Sunday we were invited to our last UMC conference ( we think). After church was over at the UMC Englophone church, we were requested along with Innocent Afful to attend the conference being held across town.  Bishop Yemba would like to introduce us to his pastors.  So we were off.

Once again an interesting day.  Bishop David Kekumb Yemba is the United Methodist Bishop for Congo Central Conference.  It is a very large area, running from the coast to Kinshasa and into the interior.  He breaks down his Episcopacy into 3 separate conferences. because of the distance and difficulty of travel.

We attended the the Central Congo, West Conference.  We arrived during worship service to a packed church spilling into the street.  A lot of music and an joyous atmosphere.It’s always a joy to listen to the African music and participate in communion.

After the service more music and celebration, in the street and then back to business.Our introduction was made by our Pastor Desire Tiriwepi and the delegates were very welcoming to their three Global Missionaries.

More of the week to come and Tomorrow, We attend a small church in a neighborhood of Kinshasa ” Petol-Congo” Massina.



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