Mansfield, Lakeside and Home Again


A lot has happened since my last blog from New York on the 11th of June.  It was just over a week ago that we left Lakeside, Ohio, traveled to Istanbul and finally returned to Kinshasa late last Monday night. Unfortunately I caught a bug in Turkey and have been sick and out, for  4 days. Today, is Sat. June 25th and I’m returning to life.

Lets go back to Ohio… Mary and I preached at Mansfield First UMC on June 12th.  Well,  Mary preached, I offered support. We first connected with this congregation back in March when they wrote me in the DRC  and asked for photos to hang in their mission room.


How amazing to get the opportunity to meet everyone at Mansfield. We found much interest in Congo and Global Missionaries. I look forward to continuing our connection. Our new friend Rev. Ken Joy is moving to Elyria in July and old friends, Revs. Don and Tammy Kuntz will be serving in Mansfield 1st. How exciting for us to continue to connect God’s ministry in the DRC with these two congregations.

East Ohio Annual Conference at Lakeside. What a blessing to be at Lakeside with so many people that helped us prepare for this journey.  There are so many clergy and lay leadership in EOC that we were able to spend time with. Mary and I were able to meet former Mentors and many Pastors, old friends and several new ones and explain how God is moving in the Congo and how East Ohio is connected.


That was exactly our purpose in the US. Mary and I traveled to Reno, Nevada, Castle Rock, Washington, the East Ohio, Baltimore/Washington and New York conferences.

Our message is the same. As Methodists we are connected together to serve and transform life. Whether in Congo, Reno, Ohio or Washington, we offer God’s caring transforming love to anyone and everyone we encounter.




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