Today’s Purpose Is?

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Today is Tuesday (Mardi) and I’ve spent the last two days reading project proposals and grant requests. A VERY important aspect to my Mission.  Working at Eglise du Christ au Congo as COO makes me, a Missionary to the Missionary and sometimes Pastor.  I tell myself, “self… concentrate on these office duties so THEY can do the work.

So this is what I did, I read though projects and grant applications for Safeguarding the Environment, Farming for Pygmys, Distribution of Cooking Supplies for 1500 refugee families, Malaria Treatment for 300,000 Congolese, Micro- Financing for Women, National Program on Cancer awareness, Maternity Program for HIV/AIDs victims, and training and awareness on Peaceful Elections. These are all programs that I reviewed yesterday and today.

This missionary, understands that I am here to work and transform lives. In the DRC lives are being transformed.  In church we talk about “life transformation” on the Mission field transformation can start as simply as a meal, medicine, or just a touch.


Last Friday was a surprise  “transformation day” “out of the office day”.  I was to shoot a video Innocent Afful at his orphanage.

Mary and I decided on the way that we couldn’t go without taking some rice (they were almost out the last time we visited) so we stopped and bought 2-50 Kilo bags and some cookies.  This is what God wants us to do today, transform a life by feeding the orphans but wait God had more…

We arrived as usual, stormed by the kids waiting for us with hugs. Now who is being transformed? An administrator “disguised as a missionary” being transformed into PAPA AARON.


I shot the video, to be released latter but our real purpose for the day was to help another.  One of the cooks appeared to be in a lot of pain.  Apparently a week earlier she was told her pain was an appendicitis and she would need surgery.

This is a very poor part of Kinshasa and to have the surgery she needed $200. Life is hard here for the poor. If you don’t have money, you don’t have surgery.

The missionaries present pulled together and paid for her surgery.  She was driven immediately to the hospital and is now recovering at the orphanage.

Praise God for opportunities.

Our purpose every day is to help someone today or encourage some else to transform another.

Now…. Wait for the post about Sunday Church in MVALULU

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