Holy Week in Congo

And what a week. Holy Week. Or Easter week has always been the week that I thought I understood. I attended worship services, Palm Sunday, weds choir practice, Thursday night communion, Good Friday (Tenebrae), and Easter Morning with all of the pomp and glorious music.
In 7 days, Triumphant march, Jesus at the Temple, the last meal with His disciples, instructions on how to be a follower, disappointment, disbelief, mourning, and THEN… we see Christ again!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW what a week.

In the Congo… Nothing is the same. As a Missionary… Nothing stays the Same.
I wasn’t in a church building every day to worship but I understand church like never before.
I have watched with disappointment, disbelief and mourned for those around the world.

I heard from friends that were in Belgium, unharmed but displaced. Strangers took them into their homes or made sure they were cared for. This is the Church I saw.
I saw people praying for families affected and for those that caused the damage. The church I saw.
I saw the Pope praying for and washing the feet of everyone. This is the church I saw.

Today I saw church again.Today I visited a local church. This church is a city church, caring for its neighbors in a very poor section of town. They host 130-200 people every Sunday. In a room not much bigger than most of our living rooms.

This church has a vocational program to help women learn how to sew. To help families improve their income. They have a ‘’Micro Finance” program which loans people $100 to start a business in the neighborhood.
This is a church that welcomes the widows and women that had been affected by war.

This is a pastor that has leadership and discipleship classes and supports small group meetings in people’s homes. These groups of 8-10 people learn how to support and mentor each other and create more leaders in the community.

Eglise du Nest LO-4395
This is a church that is SERVING. This is a church in the heart of one of the poorest neighborhoods in Kinshasa and they are serving with what they have. 

This is where I saw church on this Good Friday.

I ask myself, where did I see Christ this Holy week…
I saw Him in church.

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