You have heard me say “Every time we meet someone, it’s not by accident”.

Lingwala school Kinshasa LO-4233

Last week we met a Pastor that has an Independent church and small school in a very poor area of Kinshasa

Lingwala school Kinshasa LO-4187.jpg
There are many schools and churches that are not affiliated with any denomination. It appears that in the poorest slums they are more abundant. Mary and I had wanted an opportunity to understand these schools and maybe understand life better in theses areas. They are not in a part of Kinshasa that we can travel to on our own. We asked the Pastor if we could visit the school and meet the children.

The Pastor met us and Guy (our favorite interpreter) in our office to take us to the school. It was not far but life changes quickly in the city. We
We quickly noticed many children on the streets, in the homes and playing on the soccer field. They are NOT in school because the parents are too poor to afford the fees, even the public fees. The fees at this Mission School is only $35 a year but most residents cannot afford even this much.
This school was established as an outreach to the community by the church. It is held in the church and there are three classes different ages.

The children greeted us in English and are learning both English and French. Three teachers with no salary, rooms with only curtains, no desks and only one black board no books.
This school is trying hard to better the children’s future. They understand that with 75% of the population not reading, these kids have a big advantage if they understand French, English and can read. They struggle finding basic school supplies, desks and salaries for teachers.
It is difficult for us to understand life in these slums. It’s hard to see these families work so hard to just live. One thing is evident to me is the future of these children is in education, training for a skill that will improve their lives as adults.

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