What’s Your Name?

Yesterday we were taken to the farmers market buy our friend “Clovis” Outedmula Donking. Clovis is a friend of ours who attends the Methodist Church and helps Innocent and us when we are completely helpless or lost.

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It doesn’t take long living in the DRC to understand  or to be completely confused because Africans  have many names.   They tell you, I’m Clovis, or Jeff, or Dominique, Jacques ( or what ever); sometimes they have a French name or Belgium name, or?  You may think,”well that was easy” .  NOPE!  His name isn’t really “Clovis”( or what ever).  It may take weeks to find out but he or she  has at least 3 African names or more and at least one western name. He/she goes by ( his American or European name).  Either to make it easier on me or most likely just to confuse me.

ANYWAY Clovis took us to the farmers market because we spent to much at “Shop Rite”.

What an experience. The market goes on for blocks and  if you can think of it, you can buy it in the market, AND a lot you have not thought could be eaten. Rice  from every nation. beans from Goma, lots of veggies  (many are new to me)  and all kinds of dried fish and THE FRUITS!!!!!


and… some unusual,  dried snakes, live chickens, squirming caterpillars and large beetles.


We settled for the most mundane, this time, and had a fruit salad for dinner.


Where will Clovis take us next???????????????



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