We’re not lost

Our last post was 10 days ago after we visited the orphanage. We had great photos and a great event. Our work since then has not been as exciting but we have been busy meeting many people, learning about projects, financing and trying to learn French. Every morning we have a French tutor arrive at the apartment before work. I am learning slowly but Mary is doing well.
Here is a partial list of activities;
Met with leaders of the World Food Bank here in Kinshasa. They help organize and manage food programs though out the DRC and Africa for the United Nations and others.
Attended an all day workshop on “Gender Based Violence’. This was very interesting to see so many government and NGO leaders discuss this issues and explain possible solutions.
Mary and I had short meetings with international leaders from the Congolese Embassy in the US, the American Embassy in Kinshasa, the Managing Director of the Belgium Embassy, representative from the European Union… all of these meeting we discuss how we can all work together on projects for the DRC.

12794497_1225342290812476_4518136283574994498_n copy
Guy ( my Interpreter)and I attending the workshop

Mary and I have been working hard on projects to help promote Democracy and insure a safe and fair election. These programs involve many countries, church organizations and government personnel. Mary and I are learning much about the need for safe and peaceful elections.
We were invited to attend the Ghanaian Independence Day celebration at MUNUSCO last Saturday night and I had the opportunity to preach at an English speaking African Church last Sunday.

We continue to be busy and are understanding more each day why we are serving in the DRC.

Yesterday we visited a small church and school in Kinshasa.
More details and photos coming soon… Wait for it.

2 thoughts on “We’re not lost

  1. Prayers for your magnificent ministry! 🙏 Please consider stopping by at Mulberry St UMC when you come back to the States.


    1. Thanks Carolyn, We are still working on our Ohio schedule with GBGM for the end of May or early June. We know we will be in Portland and Nevada April and May but still working on the latter part of our visit for Ohio and Washington DC. We’ll stay in contact.


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