A Special visit

Today was my second visit this week to Heart and Hands of Christ Orphanage in Kinshasa. On Wednesday Innocent took me there to meet the teachers and kids. Always a pleasant time for me to be with the kids.

Today, Saturday was a special day. Innocent Afful the UMC Missionary arranged today to have the UN Peacekeepers from Ghana spend time at this orphanage. These young Ghanaian women and men had a special mission. They not only dug a rain drainage ditch to help relieve some of the flooding but also provided the children with needed medical exams and medication.

These soldiers did not carry weapons they arrived with shovels, racks, tools, food, drinks and medical supplies. Once again Mary and I were witnesses to unselfish love and humanitarian care provide this time by the Ghanaian Peacekeepers. This day was totally focused on the needs of these displaced children.
The cooks provided a meal of beans and rice for over 100 children. The Ghanaians provided supplies and worked hard to create an area that should be dryer than before. Their doctors and dentists examined the kids, checked their eyes and teeth.

This particular program consistently struggles to have enough funding to pay the cooks and staff and provide food for the 60 children that live on site. They also are in need of new sheets, medical supplies and Malaria nets for the dormitories.

If you would like to support this program, I have listed its link.

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