Getting There

Is Half the Fun

Nasina Kinshasa LO-3805

Wednesday I was asked to go with fellow UMC missionary Innocent Afful to one of his 10 orphanages in Kinshasa. What an adventure that can only bring smiles.
Kinshasa is the largest city in the DRC. It is LARGE. Think of New York City with all five boroughs, all of the people but none of the highways or interstates, and no subway. Kinshasa has an amazing system of streets, alleys, and paths that can be traveled. Some are paved, some are dirt and others seem to be nothing but water and mud. Make no mistake the Congolese can get around.

“I want to take you to the orphanage in the Commune de Masina,” Innocent tells me, “and be prepared for mud and to ride a Moto.” A moto is a very small 100CC motorcycle that seems to go “where no man can go”, though traffic jams, though mud, rain, deep water on/off road.

This is my day, travel to a neighborhood (somewhere near the airport) I think?, park the car and ride a Moto about 20 min though the mud and water, along the railroad track to the orphanage in Masina.
When I arrive what do my eyes see? 16 beautiful children smiling at me from EAR TO EAR! How exciting to be greeted and talk to this group of children. I introduced myself in French, I only know a few sentences and they tried out their English. It was perfect. We were made for times like these.

The kids live at the facility and go to public school. Madam Marie Therese oversees the children and makes sure they get two meals a day. Madam provides space in her home for the children to sleep and eat. Normally 3 children per single bed and meals consist of mostly rice and beans that is prepared outside on an open wood flame.
While the children are at school Innocent started a vocational training program for women. Their teacher is Chaby Bibomba. She teaches the women how to sew using a treadle machine along with other skills that help them to provide a living. I will return soon to see the vocational training since it was not in session on this day
So… my friend Innocent is serving not only the children in Kinshasa but also serving to help improve the economic lives of their community.

This is missionary work at its best!

If you would like to contribute to Innocent’s ministry you can use this link.

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