Disciples in the Congo

Although we have attended church with many congregations over the past few months, we feel very much at home at the Anglophone United Methodist Church in Kinshasa. As Pastor Desire Tiriwepi reminds the congregation each Sunday, all languages are welcome. Indeed this gifted choir sings in many languages and their praises, dancing and voices help us gather in the Spirit well beyond mere words!


We have never heard the same preacher twice, and there are clearly many people involved in the worship and ministries of this congregation.  It’s encouraging to hear about the disciple groups, or ‘sections’ who meet in homes throughout the week. This Sunday we were invited to participate in a gathering after worship, about a mission outreach in a rural community. The village of Mvululu has had a United Methodist Church for 17 years, but the church building has a thatched roof that leaks so much in the rainy season that some Sundays they simply can’t have worship.  Pastor Desire and the Anglophone UMC are planning to take a team in March to help build a more sound and dry church building and provide some other needed assistance.  Aaron and I hope to go with them. Stay tuned. So excited to see how this local church is involved in their community and their country. Following Christ in their worship time and out into their community.

After worship, we walked past the Lingala language service in the other Sanctuary. And the Lingala Sunday School too. I still can’t understand a lot of Lingala, but smiles are universal!



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