Every day

I pray every morning for God to guide me though the day. I am learning to expect the unexpected. Let God lead me though each moment,each meeting and with each person one at a time.Seldom can I predict what will happen and who God will allow me to spend time with.

Sunday after church Mary and I had a very nice meal with new missionary friends, Donna and Jonathon Baker and Mark Dawson. What a beautiful place and a nice dinner.Congo River

I am reminded, that God has created the happy and the sad, the light and the darkness.  I am learning to see beauty in both.

Just as we were finishing Rev. Milenge (the Bishop at the ECC) called and ask us to accompany him to a funeral for a family member of the Methodist Bishop.  He would pick us up in an hour.

Bishop Unda is the United Methodist Bishop for East Congo.  Bishop Unda lost his daughter in-law very suddenly and the funeral was Sunday afternoon.

Bishop Unda was one of the first people to welcome us to the Congo last November when we visited and we have had  several conversations since.  Of course we want to go!

One thing we all know is that funerals are a very personal and  very cultural. We had no idea what to expect but we knew it was our opportunity to offer “pastoral” support to our Bishop.

How humbling it is to be welcomed into the Bishop’s  family.  We all met at his home for just a brief visit and greeting and proceeded to the hospital morgue to receive the deceased. there were about 25 people that waited out side on benches praying and just being for about two hrs. When everything was ready, we proceeded to walk pass the coffin and she was then turned over to the family to return home.The next day the immediate family flew to Kindu for interment.

Praying for comfort and mercy for the family.






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