Methodist Clinic

I still have more to share from Bukavu.  I told you about attending  the Methodist church that was mostly singing and in four African languages.

Following church the pastor took us to see the neighborhood Methodist Clinic. This clinic was built on the side of a hill over looking a valley where there is 16000 people living. Apparently this valley was farmed not to long ago but as  Bukavu exploded in populations the people filled the valley.Now keep in mind that this is not normal housing, does not have water,electric,or sanitation services.

UMC Clinic Bukavu lo-0791UMC Clinic Bukavu lo-0794

UMC Clinic Bukavu lo-0807

This clinic is serving 16000 residents and it was meant to serve only a couple of thousand. The staff is working hard providing medical needs,in such a small location, with limited funds and space.

There biggest concerns are malaria, cholera and prenatal and pregnancy care.

Once again its God is using these Congolese doctors and health professionals to care for the most vulnerable.

UMC Clinic Bukavu lo-0811
space for new building

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