yes there are meetings too


Sometimes we have to be in the office and at meetings too.  Today was my first day in the office with no scheduled meetings.  I of course worked on reports and finances.  I did spend a little time working on our apartment negotiations. .

Let me tell you about some of our meetings last week with the servants from Eglise du Christ au Congo in North and South Kivu.

Bukavu DOD LO-3609

We met a in the Providential offices.  We heard about ministries to help women and children recovering from violence and trauma.  In  Kivu Provinces there are programs for refugees, literacy and Bible translations in dozens of languages. God is working though so many giving servants.

One program I want to expose you to is PPR.  ” Programme Paix et Reconciliation”. I have no pictures. You will understand why.

There is an amazing group of local pastors and Mennonite Missionaries led by a very dedicated Bishop that works with  armed combatants for peace.

These servants go into the mountains without weapons or solders and meet with these groups of combatants in their home camps.  Miles away from anyone else, they meet, talk and explore ways to disarm,for peace,forgiveness and repatriation back into there home villages in the neighboring countries. These young men return to normal life without retribution and are able to live among the very same people they battled.

Now this is forgiveness and love.! Not something a government can do.  This is the work the church.  An amazing witness to the beauty of forgiveness and love.

I see God in the East showing us Love, Mercy and Peace.





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