Chahi Hospital in Bukavu

ECC Chahi Hospital Bukavu LO-3644ECC Chahi Hospital Bukavu LO-3645ECC Chahi Hospital Bukavu LO-3642




The other day Mary and I visited a small hospital on the side of a hill.  Chahi  hospital is a neighborhood medical facility in a part of the city that has a very dense population. Amazingly dedicated staff of nurses and doctors operating in a facility that is over capacity  and underfunded.

They have not had electricity for over 6 months so all necessary power is provided from a small generator. The rooms are very small with only a few old beds with 2 patients per bed. The x-ray machine has not worked since it was delivered.

Everyone staff and patients were very friendly and worked very hard to provide the medical attention that is needed.

Most of the of the patients are prenatal and maternity with 150 births per month. One of the interesting things for me, is that women come with their kids  sometimes have to stay for days during treatment ,so the rooms are crowded with may beautiful children.


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