Airport at Goma

We are at the airport at Goma waiting for our flight home to Kinshasa.

I sent out an e-mail to our United Methodist Supporters a couple of weeks ago. I’m re posting for all to read.  There may be details that I have missed  on the blog.


Dear Friends and Mission Supporters,
Greetings from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Congo. Mary and I write to you from temporary housing following our move to the Congo.
Mary and I understand that God has called us to serve as Missionaries. We have been officially accepted as United Methodist Global Missionaries beginning January 1, 2016. The General Board has found a place for us to serve in the Democratic Republic Congo. (DRC).
We have been asked to serve with the “Eglise du Christ au Congo”. The ECC is a federation of over 70 protestant denominations serving the people of the DRC. They support over 18,000 schools, hospitals, clinics and mission sites though out the Congo.
The Eglise du Christ au Congo also helps support emergency refugee situations in the Congo region brought on by strife and war in the surrounding countries of central Africa. The ECC is concerned and in improving humanitarian conditions, fair, safe and peaceful elections, and the rights of women and children throughout the region.
Mary and I are excited and blessed to be able to serve with an already well established organization that is devoted to improving life to all people in the Congo. We’re in total agreement that God has not called us to be religious but to be faithful. Faith that leads us to feed, clothe, protect and most of to love all people of Congo.
Mary will be working with new ministries in Community Development and I will help support already existing mission teams their projects and programs as Chief Operating Officer.
We have created this  blog and web site that became activated earlier this month. We hope this will keep you informed about our mission activities as well as other news from the Congo. Please log in to get the latest updates. Today we have many ways to stay in contact, even in Africa, email, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, iMessage and there may be others but remember we will not always have internet and there is no snail mail delivery in the DRC.
Mary and I will be attending training at the end of April in Portland, Oregon and we will be commissioned at the General Conference on Thursday May 19th, 11:00 am PT. Please pray for us during this time of commissioning.
If you would like to support our ministry we will be receiving a United Methodist Advance Number sometime in the near future. In the mean time you can direct contributions to the Gay Street UMC where there has been an account set-up until the advance number is ready.Gay Street United Methodist Church,18 North Gay Street, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
We are so pleased to be placed, exactly where we believe God wants us to be serving. Pray for our ministries and all that is being done in the Democratic Republic Congo

Mary & Aaron Vandersommers
United Methodist Missionaries
Eglise du Christ au Congo  Congo Tel: 243 829670350 Congo Tel: 243 999342890

One thought on “Airport at Goma

  1. Aaron and Mary, This is exciting! You two are the first missionaries I’ve ever personally known in all my life as a UM pastor. To put names to faces, to have memories of personal relationships WOW!
    I look forward to hearing about your experiences and work. I have you on my daily prayer list, and it will be an honor for Janet and I to support your ministry financially and with prayer.
    God bless you.
    PS I have already put the day of your commissioning into my calendar. In the past the General Conference has made possible the living streaming of the Conference, I hope your commissioning is available streaming.


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