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ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3524

A few day ago we we taken to a farm in South Kivu province known as the Kashusha Farm.  It is a 45 hectare farm that is used for Internal Displaced People. They live, work and produce food until they can move back to there homes or relocate. There are more than 3500 people living on the Kashusha Farm.



ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3547.jpg

ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3551
ECC Engineer  Onesphore Wangachomo

This farm is also used to teach agriculture techniques and for study by the local university.

Most of the people there are from Pygmy tribes that have displaced because of conflicts or repression of some kind. We also had a talk with the Pygmy leaders and have agreed to visit their village when we return.

ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3564ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3569ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3600ECC Farm Kashusha LO-3605

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