Travel to Goma & Bukavu

What an amazing trip to Eastern Congo this has been so far.  Late Weds afternoon we were invited to travel with the Bishop to the North Eastern part of the DRC. We will be here until next Thursday.  Its been almost three days since we had reliable internet connect. I couldn’t stay on line long enough to post. so here is an overview.

We have met a lot of people and have visited several mission projects and sites in North and South Kivu provinces.  This area boards Rwanda and  Burundi.

today we visited a church own farm that produces food for displaced people and met with leaders of a Pygmy village, visited two hospitals, talked with a Bishop about a church program to disarm and repatriate rebel soldiers.  An amazing day and each project needs its own post.  I will go into more details on a later post.

To get here we flew 3 hrs from Kinshasa to Goma and then took a 3 hr boat ride down the Lake Kivu. Here are some photos from the trip.



I’ll leave you with this amazing story.  In one of the hospitals a 2 year old boy reached for my hand. As I took his hand he stood up and his mother said ” he wants to pray for you”  ( in Swahili of course).

I picked him up and he gave me a big hug. I then expected a tinny 2 year old  voice with a prayer.  He put his little hand on my head and out came this powerful very long Pentecostal  prayer. This little tiny boy prayed mightily with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Where did I see GOD. Many places today but this little boy made me tremble.




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