In the office

Not all of our work is on location.  The last three days Mary spent it in a meeting about translating the bible into the many languages in the DRC. I attended the first day to get an overview. Mary was and will be much more involved.

Yesterday the Chapel Service at the office was of course in French, the hymns,I new the tunes. It was very interesting to have the sermon in Swahili translated to French.  The Africian languages are so expressive and the preaching  animated.

I spent the day looking at apartments…getting closer

Mary and I found out today that we will be traveling with the Bishop tomorrow. He has asked us to go to Bokavu and Goma. These cities are in the far eastern part of the DRC in an area called the Great Lake Region,on lake Kivu bordering Rwanda and Burundi.  We fly  to Goma and take a boat to Bokavu and I think it’s may be 1000 miles away and wewe will be there for about a week, give or take.

The lake region are supposed to be very beautiful. I hope to have a photo opp it should be a great place for was camera

More details when we return.




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