Toaster? Right!

Yesterday we had a hard time with internet.  It was very slow and troublesome at the hotel today, in between the power going on and off every few hours. I went shopping. ALONE!

Toaster, I can get us a toaster, NO Prob.!

I ventured out in to the market, the biggest market I have ever seen, blocks and blocks, miles long.  Anything that can be sold is being sold!! I was off. Toaster? easy!

First of all, I think 1/2 of the 7 million people were on the streets. All at once.”

“OH the Humanity!”

A toaster could be easy EXCEPT… the language was Hmmm, French? Lingala? Swahili? or maybe something else but it was not English. No one new what a toast was.

I called Mary, What’s the word for toaster? Toaster= “Grille Pain”  NOPE!!

They brought me, hot plate,microwave, broiler,even a Waffle Iron, but no TOASTER in site.

I started to wonder if there was a toaster anywhere. As I turned for the hotel, hoping I could find my way home…a man touched my arm and ” I speak English.

ENGLISH??? Great! So, we started all over again, toast, Grille Pain, fry pan microwave , waffle Iron, this time Belgium Waffles.  ( no I’m not making this up)

And Then… A 4 slice toaster!!!! Amazing!!! 2 hrs and a real toaster! now, as you can expect, the only toaster in the Congo cost???

$165.00  now, Mary and I like toast but not at $165.00

So I said ” NO Merci” and walked away, hoping that I could again find my way back.

4 blocks later another tap on the shoulder?.. the man followed me with a two slice toaster for $75.  Sold here’s $40.00.  He took it with a 3000 Congolese franc tip.Kinshasa Gobe DistrictKinshasa Market

You can learn a lot at the market.



3 thoughts on “Toaster? Right!

  1. Great post, Aaron!! I’m just on the way out the door to buy a boatload of toasters for the Congo!! At $65 bucks a pop, I’ll be able to REALLY retire! Glad you enjoyed the market trip. Let me ask, is the Congo the same as the Belgian Congo? Predominant languate is what, French? Hope you enjoy your toast!!


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